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Used CBX Honda CBX 1000 Motoplast 6 cylinder, 1978, = Vincent HRD Black Lightning.

Date of Manufacture:19781000
For sale by:Private seller
Date of 1st Registration:20181022
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

This rare and appreciating beauty is ready for a new home. Runs and rides great. If you are into concourse displays, would only take minor detailing to be a show winner.
Owned by renowned CBX specialist, who is thinning his herd.
The 1978 CBX was ground breaking and as far as collectibility goes, is know as the modern HRD Vincent Black Shadow. This Motoplast CBX would therefore be the modern HRD Vincent Black Lightning.
Italian chassis, made from chromoly steel to be lighter and much stronger than stock, with the engine positioned higher in the chassis for virtually unlimited ground clearance. This is the sports chassis that the CBX engine compliments.The sound, the look, the handling, the power. This bike has it all and will be very sad letting her go. Also comes with fairing lower.
Worlds most respected motorcycling journalist, Alan Cathcart, is teed up to do a test on this bike, next January. Once his story is published, the value of this bike, will increaseimmensely.
An astute collector will know the value in this rare beauty and have themselves an enjoyable, usable, rare and appreciating classic.
Bike is advertised elsewhere, so can be withdrawn at any time, though once a bid is placed on ebay, the bike will sell on ebay.Serious enquiries welcomed. Inspection welcomed.
Tyre kickers, lets not waste each others time. Priced fairly to sell; not interested in offers, though would consider part trade for Honda GB 500, GB 400, XBR 500.
Once Alan Cathcart has ridden her and I put her back up for sale then, the sale price will be considerably higher.
Bike is currently on non transferableVictorian Historic plates. RWC can be arranged at cost.

Happy to work in with transport company, for interstate or overseas purchaser.
Phone, Roland on [hidden information].

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Item Information

Item ID: 127551
Motorcycle location: Woori Yallock, VIC, Australia
Last update: 3.08.2019
Views: 351
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CBX Honda CBX 1000 Motoplast 6 cylinder, 1978, = Vincent HRD Black Lightning.
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