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1946 Chevrolet Other Pickups Used Manual Gasoline Standard Cab Pickup

$ 5596

Model:Other Pickups
Interior Color:Red
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Red
Body Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Number of Cylinders:6
:“Mostly complete minus tailgate, seat, and hubcaps. front bed wall has rust lower, passenger side bed pocket has rust patch, passenger door has rust spot outer skin, has some dents on fenders,hood and cab. engine is seized, transmission is seized, steering box is seized. front tires roll rear rolls when not connected to transmission.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This rare 1946 Chev halfton is mostly complete minus some engine parts, carburetor, fuel pump, seat, tailgate and hubcaps. The cab appears to be solid along with the side steps, front fenders, and bedsides. The engine and running gear are present, all but rear end is seized from sitting for so many years. It is fully Saskatchewan registered/titled. Shipping is available at buyers expense across Canada and possibly the United States please contact to discus options.
Send me a direct message for a link to more detailed photos of the truck.
This truck will be advertised elsewhere and could be removed anytime during its listingAll sales are final truck is bought as is where is. Temporary storage is available for the buyer to arrange pickup, contact for more info.

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Item Information

Item ID: 207156
Sale price: $ 5596
Car location: Mankota, Canada
For sale by: Owner
Last update: 13.03.2021
Views: 59
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1946 Chevrolet Other Pickups Used Manual Gasoline Standard Cab Pickup
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