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Chevrolet: Volt

$ 17290

Chevrolet: Volt for Sale
Chevrolet: Volt for SaleChevrolet: Volt for Sale
Exterior Color:Black
Interior Color:Black
Body Type:Sedan
Drive Type:FWD
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- Watch this!
-Great condition vehicle 
- 52000 kms 
- love the vehicle have to sell and get a larger vehicle as we’re having a baby
- can charge on a standard 120v plug
- commuting daily to (80km) Campbell River where the vehicle was charged at home overnight and plugged in while at work led to an average of $45/month in fuel.
- The Volt does about 600km with a full charge and a full tank of gas. With a fill up being around $45; Victoria and back to Comox is done on less than a tank.
- The Volt has a surprising amount of torque and really moves when you put your foot down; like driving a high speed elevator!
- Great condition interior (fabric)
- Infotainment system connects to Apple and android with a custom made volt specific phone holder ordered from the US.
- You're gunna be pretty cool in this car, be prepared to answer a lot of questions because everyone wants to know the details!

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Sale price: $ 17290
Car location: Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 16.03.2019
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Chevrolet: Volt
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