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Convertible Vw type 182 thing 1976 RHD

$ 19380

Model:VW convertible type 182 thing
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Genuine VW type 182 RHD registered1976 dual port 1600. 12v.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Genuine VW type 182 RHD registered
1976 dual port 1600. 12v.
Good driver runs excellent
Ready for summer fun
Registered for club or full rego.
Plates come with rego.
I have side curtains as well.
Windshield folds down .
Top down .
All doors lift off for beach cruises.
Its listed elsewhere i reserve right to sell prior to end .
2 spare rims as on car.
Also 4 new Empis in boxes.
Information about Volkswagen VW convertible type 182 thing for sale on this page. See price and photos of the VW convertible type 182 thing Volkswagen
to go with it ( or can sell seperate on gumtree )
Deposit required then will accept cash on pick up.
Can assist with trucking for interstate buyer.
ALL SCAMMERS WILL BE BLOCKED AND REPORTEDOn 26-Nov-20 at 06:19:53 AEDST, seller added the following information:Im adding info as so many request mails.
car is fully engineered for the road to pass with Compliance plate fitted.SA has the toughest standards to get rego in to no rust , Guards are fiberglass ( for learners) body steel. Bumpers Home made replicas to oil leaks anywhere,( as most do) engine strong rebuilt few years ago, g-box strong toomechanically very good drives well, coil over front shocks, new rear shocks, new brake pads, ( not new car handling)( not show car) lots of parts changed over the past year.Yes still need some bodywork and maybe repaint or keep as is for great street cruiser topless as we do.Try to Find a Genuine RHD 182 these daysSpares, I have 1 original bumper, 4 door windows, 2 rims, box of odd parts, chassis steel parts not req.
No low ball offers ,No trades.
HI to all scammers I have passed on your into to Ebay

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Item Information

Item ID: 198696
Sale price: $ 19380
Car location: Adelaide, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 7.01.2021
Views: 122
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Convertible Vw type 182 thing 1976 RHD
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