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CRATED Harley Davidson - board tracker style bike

$ 2117

Engine Capacity (cc):80
Drive Type:Chain
Start Type:Kick start
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
For sale by:Private seller
Number of Gears:3
Type:Racing (Not Road Legal)
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Something for
fans custom built tribute bike. The early board track racers are some of our
favorite bikes. We just love building these tribute bikes for enthusiasts,
displays, man caves, car showsand collectors alike. We strive hard
to achieve a very aged distressed look to the bikes that makes everyone do a
double take. Put on display these are a fantastic piece of art.
The bike we have here is the famous Harley board tracker bike style not
original bike. The hand finished details are fantastic and cover every inch of
the bike. Many hours were involved ofhand painting, brushing, and
material fabrication and really give it that antique look. The finish is done
specially for display , and there is no actual oil, grease or fuel odors, it
will not leak.
Our own custom tig
welded fuel tanks made from steel with cast brass taps. Please enjoy the photos
for describing the details. The bike is fitted with a 80cc two stroke motor
with spark plug removed. When spark plug is inserted bike will start. Please
note the purpose of this bike is for display. However if you wish to ride it
you may.Everything on the bike is steel or aluminum. Bike stand
included. These are just fun little powered bikes.That being said if you plan on riding this bike on a daily basis,
maintenance will be necessary. These bikes are fun and require little
attention. Most of the board track racers we sell are used as display pieces in
small museums, dealerships, private collections, studios etc., but, we have
sold quite a few to people who just enjoy riding as well.
We are selling the
bikes as engine not working. It is the purchasers responsibility if he/she
wishes to start and ride the bike, we do not take responsibility for the
Motorised Engine Kit attached. The bikes are fitted with brand new motorised
engine kits with spark plug removed and instruction manual attached.

The last picture shows different bike style available.(this is not included in this auction. Example only)
I will ship the
bike anywhere. Please contact me regarding international shipping before
buying.For shipment bike will be
disassembly and pack in the box. With little mechanical knowledge you can
put the bikeback together no problem.
Bike can be inspected
if needed.
Full payment
within5 workingdays.
Prefer bank deposit or cash on pick up.
We can help you with
handling if you organise you own shipping compony
Approx. price for
postage using pack & send guys.
Brisbane $320
Melbourne $320 Adelaide $350 Perth $470 Hobart $520
Pickup from
Maroubra, NSW
Thank you

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Item Information

Item ID: 191947
Sale price: $ 2117
Motorcycle location: MAroubra Beach, New South Wales, Australia
Last update: 10.11.2020
Views: 42
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CRATED Harley Davidson - board tracker style bike
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