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datsun 1600

For Sale by:Private Seller
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Seller Description

datsun 1600 510Engineered fj20t engine, 5 speed manual, r200 lsd diff.Solid old car, been in storage for 6 years now.Body is average with signs of some bog and rust coming through but I have seen much worse. Used to be a daily driver, then a hill climb car. Last registered about 6 years ago. Quick little car. Seat belts and harness setupBuilt engine with receipts and engineers report for all work except the chrome moly rear half cage. Rear seat supplied in same trim as fronts.
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Front coil over suspension.Microtech mt 8, handset, 4 coils, Bosch 044, surge tank, car made 275 hp at tyres last dyno tune. Standard turbo and manifolds, 19lb boost. Bullet proof engine with no issues. Hilux calipers all round, hydraulic handbrake.Rolling on old semi slick tyres at the moment on black painted trx rims. Set of alloys there included too.Car is still startered frequently, drives, steers and stops well. Could do with a tidy up though.Text for any other details 0488 478 458Car is available for inspection at Ulladulla nsw, 2539. Inspection is recommended.Can assist with freight at buyers expense.Cheers.

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Item ID: 149233
Car location: Ulladulla, NSW, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 5.04.2020
Views: 50
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datsun 1600
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