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Davrian Mk8 with V5C

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Seller Description

Davrian MK8
Body Shell V5C with
new weld-in cage with door and harness bars. .
Fitted with
original instruments and wiring harness
Original VW gearboxDarrian T9 Fabricated front suspension arms, Imp stub axles, Rose jointed steering rack, ALCON - 4 POTSFront Hubs Ford/Imp bearings – Ford PCD Long studs M12 x 1.5mm , Group 4 alloy brake bell and rotorRear Tubular arms with Ford Granada hubs and bearings integrated calliper mounts
Original Imp
suspension arms/drive shafts modified for the DarrianRevolution (new) purchased to check clearances 2 x (15 x7) Front wheels 2 x (15 x 8) Rear wheelsEngine / gearbox frame with mounts CrossflowCrossflow 4 in 1 exhaust manifold and stainless steel exhaust box.

Front Splitter
Front air dam
Darrian T9 Alloy
Front Clip with 7”
round headlight T9 Darrian style.
Bias Pedal box with
master cylinder.
Imp spares
Steering column
Steering rack
Front uprights
Front suspension
arms – compete
V5C registered as DAVRIAN

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Item Information

Item ID: 245281
Car location: Guildtown, United Kingdom
Last update: 10.12.2021
Views: 67
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Davrian Mk8 with V5C
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