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Used Deckson grandprix mini bike deltek vintage mini bike

For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

Up for sale is my Deckson Grand Prix mini bike
I purchased this bike years ago for the man cave but am now down sizing and need the room.It has been sitting for years, I added fuel and it started and runs fine. Bikelooks as if it’s had a restoration at some point of its life, it is not a show piece has scratch’s marks and is not perfect.The bike would be great for a restoration project or just to have fun with it as is.Inspections recommended before bidding, not after and no PayPal please
Can also put bike on a pallet and help with freight at buyers cost
Located in the Penrith NSW area
Thank you

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Item Information

Item ID: 192206
Motorcycle location: londonderry, Australia
Last update: 11.11.2020
Views: 671
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Deckson grandprix mini bike deltek vintage mini bike
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