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Deluxe Fairing

For sale by:Dealer
Product Type:Quad Bikes
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Seller Description

Innovative, richly-featured wind protection. Quick tool-less removal once base brackets are mounted on handlebar. 2 cup holders. GPS-mounting-kit-ready. Optional mirrors and auxiliary lighting. Requires low, high or extra high windshield. Tapered Handlebar Adaptor Kit is required for vehicles with 1 1/8'' (28 mm) tapered aluminum handlebars. *SHIPPING AT BUYERS EXPENSE*
Suitable for the below models:Outlander L 450 (G2L)2015 -2016Outlander L 500 (G2L)2015Outlander L 570 (G2L)2016Outlander L MAX 450 (G2L)2015 -2016Outlander L MAX 500 (G2L)2015Outlander L MAX 570 (G2L)2016Outlander 450 (G2L)2017 -2019Outlander 500 (G2)2013 -2015Outlander 570 (G2)2016 -2017Outlander 570 (G2L)2017 -2019Outlander 650 (G2)2013 -2019Outlander 800 (G2)2015Outlander 1000 (G2)2013 -2019

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Item Information

Item ID: 210260
Motorcycle location: PORT KENNEDY, Western Australia, Australia
Last update: 13.04.2021
Views: 47
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Deluxe Fairing
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