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Di Blasi R7 Britax Folding Scooter/Moped 50cc automatic For Sale

Vehicle Type:Scooter
Capacity (cc):Less than 75 cc
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Seller Description

Would make great transport for camping or motorhome , it folds up can be lifted by 1 person and will fit in a car boot
Starts and runs
In very good condition been stored for over 26 years
Only done 51 miles
New fuel pipe and fuel cut off tap
Brakes are good
Tyres are good
Comes with the rare small side bagAnd carry hold-all
Registered but no V5 logbook
Cash on collection preferred
Delivery on a pallet can be arranged for £65

Price Dinamics

We have no enough data to show
no data

Item Information

Item ID: 225179
Motorcycle location: Ashford, Kennington, United Kingdom
Last update: 20.07.2021
Views: 131
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Di Blasi R7 Britax Folding Scooter/Moped 50cc automatic
Current customer rating: 5/5 based on 2893 customer reviews

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