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DMW Deemster Villiers

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Seller Description

An extremely rare opportunity to own an immaculate 1962 DMW Deemster fitted with the Villiers 249cc 2T twin engine.
This DMW ( Dawson Motors Wolverhampton ) was given a full restoration in 2020, with nothing for the new owner to do but ride or show.
The engine had new bearings and seals and anything that was near to service limits was also replaced. The bores pistons etc. are excellent as is the compression. The crank was checked and needed nothing, the flywheel wasre-magnetised by Villiers Services, and makes for easy starting and greatly increased battery charging current.This all results in an easy starting engine that runs and performs as it should.
The wheels have new tubes, tyres, wheel bearings, and new re- lined brake shoes.
The new rear chain is fully enclosed but does not have to be disturbed to remove the wheel. Both wheels leave the brake hub in situ, and the wheels are also interchangeable. There is a spare wheel included.
The seat was recovered by Leighton in Birmingham.
The chrome on the now, completely unobtainable handlebars, is good and presentable and I would normally have chrome items re plated but the platers I use will not, for safety reasons, re plate handlebars because the polishing process removes metal.
The engine has an intake silencer. A flexible pipe goes from the carburettor inletvia a box and onto the air filter on the right side of the machine.For me personally this is perfect because although the intake roar of the Villiers twin engine sounds great to start with, it can get very tiring, especially on a long run.
Another good feature is the rear chain tension adjustment/ wheel alignment. There are snail cams on either side near the front of the swing arm which move together when one is adjusted.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
The section holding the wheel moves back and forth, so when the chain is adjusted the wheel alignment is maintained.
The brakes have the classic car type square peg click stop adjuster on the brake plate which is adjusted to take up wear and makes the brakes more efficient.
This machine was produced in 1962 the first year of manufacture and at that time the screen was an option which was not fitted to this machine. it was a flat screen and was attached at the bottom to the two threaded holes provided for the option either side of the front vertical section above the headlights. Two shaped bars came from higher up on the screen to the vertical section of the fairing just forward of the handlebars. An illustration of this is in the paperwork file which is included with the bike.
There are two tone air horns fitted which sound really good.
If you want to be noticed then this is one of those machines that will definitely turn heads whether while riding or perhaps at shows and events.
Being so rare I doubt you will easily find another one for sale and also in such immaculate restored condition.
The V5 is present and in my name.
Payment is cash on collection or bank transfer.
There is no buy it now price so any messages regarding that will be ignored. Thank you.
Thanks for looking.

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Item ID: 216727
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: hemel hempstead, United Kingdom
Last update: 25.05.2021
Views: 5
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DMW Deemster Villiers
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