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Ducat Multistrada 620 Motorcycle.

Model:Multistrada 620
Extra Features:Many extras with sale., Seat Cover, Solo Seat
Colour:Tangerine - Red
Type:Adventure Touring or City Commuter!
Start Type:Electric start
Engine Capacity (cc):620
For sale by:Private seller
Drive Type:Chain
Gears:Six-speed manual
Seller Notes:Ducati in excellent condition. Suit a discerning buyer. Call for more information.
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

Beautiful motorcycle with full service history. In excellent condition and would suit a discerning buyer.The Ducati 620 is recognised as a LAMS approved motorcycle (recommend that buyer checks state requirements) but don't let that fool you. Puts a smile on your dial for any rider that knows what they are doing and is a very capable sports tourer or Sunday special. Only selling because I am not using this bike anymore. This is an absolute bargain for someone looking for a motorcycle that has Italian appeal and is not the normal Japanese offering but something unique. These Ducati's are easy to own and service by the home mechanic.The Ducati comes with all original books, service history, keys and papers. Some spare parts are included with this sale such as oil and air filters, cam belts (which are not due for quite some time), Italian stainless steel dual performance muffler system (still in box and never fitted), new tinted screen, Ducati factory service manual and a low cut seat with lambs wool cover. Call for more details or to make an appointment to view. Motor cycle is located in Goulburn NSW. Only serious buyers that have permission to buy and funds to pay please.

Winning bidder to make contact within 2 days of auction end, thank you.The Ducati is listed elsewhere and may be removed from ebay at any time.Less

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Item Information

Item ID: 77801
Motorcycle location: Goulburn, Australia
Last update: 23.08.2018
Views: 23
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Ducat Multistrada 620 Motorcycle.
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