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2015 Ducati Hypermotard Used Black 821L Manual Petrol

$ 0

V5 Registration Document:Present
MOT Expiration Date:10/02/2022
Vehicle Type:Enduro/ Supermoto (road legal)
Start Type:Electric start
Gears:Six-speed manual
Additional Information:V5 Registration Document Present
Capacity (cc):821
Engine Size:821
Extra Features:Anti-Lock Brakes, Case/Topcase, Immobiliser, Rolling bars/Frame sliders
Type:Enduro/Supermoto (road legal)
Drive Type:Chain
Metallic Paint:Yes
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Here for sale is my Ducati Hypermotard 821 Matt Black. It has loads of extras added from Ducabike Italy and Ducati Genuine Dealers Accessories and other top brands costing over £2500.
Information about 2015 Ducati Hypermotard for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Hypermotard Ducati
It is in mint condition and it grabs loads of attention. The sound from the exhaust is deep and satisfying and the bike is very powerful.
I’ve had a couple of track days back in 2017 on this bike alongside my Suzuki GSXR 600 to try it out and enjoy the Ducati power on an open track. I did a day at Silverstone which unfortunately a rider in front of me his engine blew causing me behind few second later to slip on his engine oil while leaning over on the bend. I went down on my side with this resulting in luckily only the hand guard (Scrapped/Grazed) & rear footpeg (Scrapped/Grazed) & catching Gear selector (Gear Selector has been renewed) only these parts getting damaged. Despite this happening the bike got off lightly as I thought the fairings & exhaust would have had it too. This accident happened doing about 30mph into a bend and the bike landing on my leg taking most the blow and bike and myself just sliding along on 1 side. This was my last lap of the day as you can imagine and gutted it was the Ducati instead of my Suzuki GSXR 600 which was track prepared with race fairings. Check out pics to see damage that i’ve circled. The only other noticeable mark is the rear shock absorber yellow paint is cracking slightly on the spring.
Even with these grazed marks on the bike which gives it character it is still a stunning bike that your eyes would struggle to see the marks as the bike has so many high features and strong appealing decals and styling. The bike is great for long distance riding aswell, I've been to Isle of Man to watch TT from South Wales and have done some good long days out around Wales with comfort and no issues. Only used on dry days and always kept clean and stored in a garage.
The reason I'm selling is I'm in the process of moving house and I'm unlikely to be using the bike any time soon and with all the moving around from 1 house to another I have no choice but to sell the bike which is a shame from all the joy and cost I've put into the bike making it a unique looking Ducati.
Bike is all ready to go with 11 months M.O.T with 5800 miles and all in good working order.Full Ducati Service historyDucati Preston replaced belts with recent Service on 9/02/2021.
Here is a list of parts upgraded and extras you will get with the sale plus the original parts.
Ducati Genuine Upgraded Handguards with LED indicators built in (Plus Originals)Ducati Genuine Upgraded and lowered Seat. (Plus Original)Ducati Genuine Rear Top Box & Tank Bag (Used Once to Isle of Man)Ducati Genuine Heated Grips (Grips not fitted - Brand New)Ducati Genuine Tail Tidy rear number plate holder (Plus Original)Ducati Genuine Rear LED indicators (Plus Original)Ducati Genuine Tank ProtectorAkropovic Exhaust System (Plus Original)
Red Anodised Special Parts are :-
Front & Rear Brake Reservoir Cap (Plus Original)Front & Rear Foot Pegs (Plus Originals)Handle Bar Centre brace (Plus Original)Oil Fill Cap (Plus Original)Anti-Freeze Filler Cap (Plus Original)Crank Case Inspection Cover (Plus Original)Front Sprocket Cover (Plus Original)V-Trec Front Brake & Clutch Levers (Plus Original)Front & Rear Wheel Nuts (Plus Original)Sprocket Nuts (Plus Original)Frame Engine Bolt Caps
Other Extras
Evotech Performance Radiator ProtectorEvotech Performance Engine GuardDucati Purpose Rear Paddock StandUniversal Front Paddock StandR&G Side Stand Large Foot PlateR&G Waterproof Motorbike CoverHoneycomb Tinted HeadlightWheel Rim Ducati StickersDucati & Branded DecalsNew Front & Rear TyresGoPro Handlebar Mounting PointWill also give x2 Aluminium Ramps for loading bike into van
This bike stands me around £12,800 with all costs spent on Bike & Parts.Selling for £6000 ovno. You won't find another Ducati Hypermotard with these many extras or styling. Im throwing everything in and added extras as need a quick sale. No time wasters please.
Cash on Collection or Bank Transfer for £6000
Goodluck in bidding for this awesome and immaculate solid motorbike. You won't be disappointed.

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Item Information

Item ID: 216717
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Blackpool, United Kingdom
Last update: 25.05.2021
Views: 14
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2015 Ducati Hypermotard Used Black 821L Manual Petrol
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