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2008 Ducati Monster New Red

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Seller Description

Low mileage well looked after ducati monster 696.It’s only done 4696 miles and only had it’s second set of tyres in its life about 600 miles agoI spent ages looking for one this good and it’s mint condition I’ve always had it serviced at Ducati and it had its belts and oil change 75 miles ago and a new mot today with no advisoriesIt’s never been out in the rain and always garaged
Things I’ve done to it are as follows
Cafe racer leather seat I still have the original and red seat cowl
LSL drag bars and riser on black. It only drops the height an inch but it feels so much more aggressive. I also have the standard originals
It has termignoni slip on exhausts again I have the originals
Some of the bodywork has been powder are’s black as standard is grey and it looked odd to me. The top yoke, where the foot rests are and the heat shields on the exhaust
Bar end mirrors, they were only off eBay but they don’t wobble or move and I’m really impressed with them
Mini led indicators front and rear
I also changed the front and rear sprockets to give it a better ride around time it’s a lot smoother and jarring around town and new chain
This bike was bought when I passed my test and I’m only selling to buy a full fat monster 1200It’s done such low miles over the past 3 years but it’s got regular full service history with a stamped book from from ducati.
Information about 2008 Ducati Monster for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Monster Ducati
I’ve just not had time to ride it. The things I’ve done to it are quite subtle and as “factory” looking as possible. I personally think it’s the best 696s around with low mileage and so well looked after
No test rides unless cash paid in fullCall me on [hidden information] for more info

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Item ID: 218773
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: grantham, United Kingdom
Last update: 7.06.2021
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2008 Ducati Monster New Red
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