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Used EH Holden Ute - 1964

Registration State:NSW
Registration Number:UTE64T
Modified Item:Yes
Modification Description:see description
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Utility
Engine Size (litre):3.1
For Sale by:Private Seller
:Excellent Condition
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

1964 EH Holden UteRegistration: 29th April 2021 ( next year )Rotisserie restoration 2004.Full NSW Engineers report covering all modifications
Body : Very straight , No rust, No dents. 1 minor scratch on right front guard. 1 scratch on bonnet.
Engine: 186 with Hi comp 202 head, 350 Holley Carb, New genie headers, Chrome rocker cover, Electronic distributor. Motor is in excellent condition uses very little oil.
Engine bay: Painted same colour as car.. Holden Tiga Mica, Hidden brake booster, Windscreen washer bottle and horn behind left head light, Bonnet cable re-routed through radiator support top support panel, Headlight wiring re-routed under guards. Heater pipes are 1/2" copper pipe
New in the past 12 months : Brass /copper radiator + Alloy header tank, Harmonic Balancer, Starter motor, Clutch master cylinder, Clutch, pressure plate, thrust bearing, spigot bush, Machined the flywheel, Complete new tailshaft assembly to suit Celica 5 speed gearbox, Input and rear yoke gearbox bearings and seals
Gearbox: Toyota Supra cast iron 5 speed.
Brakes: HR Front end with HK ventilated rotors and calipers ( larger than HR ) .. HR rear drums. Booster mounted under right front guard behind wheel.
Wheels : 14 inch Dragway Eliminators.. 8 inch rears, 7 inch fronts.. Tyres all about 75% tread
Interior : Fold forward late model ute bench seat allows access to modified floor / barrier space behind seat.. enough room to store suitcase laid flat either side. Grey velour trim, Black loop pile carpet, retractable seat belts either side, sash in the middle, Feltheadlining, 4 gauge cluster includes - oil, temp, tacho and ( amp gauge not working), sports steering wheel, Radio/Disc/USB head deck, 4 speakers, original commercial 2 speed heater, Immobiliser, Hidden kill switch, Alarm from key fob, tinted windows
Load space: has polished timber panels under hospital grade lino, 5 tiedown points/cargo restraints, New tonno cover with hidden press studs, Battery under floor in rear footwell. Currently has dual battery red arc system but will be removed before car is collected. Heavy duty towbar . New 14" Sunrasia style spare wheel with new 165/60/14 tyre in spare wheel well.
Exterior: Very straight rust free body in Tiga Mica paint, HJ -GTS mirrors, All chrome and stainless moulds sprayed metallic silver., Mesh headlight covers, Grill slats left clean stainless steel. (50 year NRMA Member brass badge in grill will be removed before car is collected). Special order: "UTE64T" plates cost $109.00 per year on top of registration fees .Tailgate requires rubber seal.. ebay About $78.00
Full 12 months rego to 29th April 2021 + whats left to 29th April 2020 ( approx 4 weeks)
There is bound to be other things i havent mentioned .. will edit advert as they come to mind.
Car is in excellent mechanical condition and could be driven home to any state in Australia no problems. You cant build a car to this standard nowadays for the money i am asking ( Unless you are a spray painter/panel beater, upholsterer, auto electrician,mechanic )
I can put up photos of any particular part of the car you wish to enquire about ( if ebay allows me) . Just use "Ask Seller a Question " or send me your phone number, i can call you and we can discuss it"
Inspection /viewing is recommended and invited before bidding,.

car is located .. 2278...near Newcastle NSW.
This is a no reserve auction, there is no buy it now price.., My preferred method of payment is cash.. and i will give a $200 discount on final sale price to the winning bidder if they pay in cash. Otherwise... direct deposit of final bid amount to my bank account before car leaves my yard. Paypal .. if winner pays excess fees and charges from PaypalI know times are hard at the moment .. so.. please do not bid if you dont have the money to pay for the car, this is a 7 day auction , enough time to plead with your Mrs, Bank manage, Rich relative, etc, etc. Just DO NOT BID IF YOU DONT INTEND GOING AHEAD WITH THE PURCHASE.
Vehicle advertised elsewhere for auction start price , and i reserve the right to remove it from ebay auction at anytime up until a bid is made.
Winning bidder to contact me within 24 hours of auction end, Collection and payment ASAP after auction end. Thanks.
Reason for sale: Finally reached retirement age /pension a few weeks back, Selling off some of my assets, See "Yamaha SR500" under collector bikes, will be listing 1960 Norton Manxman 650 motorcycle in the future.
Happy Bidding and good luckNutz

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Item Information

Item ID: 196430
Car location: newcastle, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 9.12.2020
Views: 1007
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EH Holden Ute - 1964
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