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$ 24504

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1983 FJ40LX - 5 speed - disk brakes - power steering - factory Air - factory 6 seater. Car is from in land Katherine, NT from new and wouldnt know what a beach looked like. Its not the dinosaur diesel model that gets you there eventually - but the 2F and it flys which makes it fun to drive!Super rare it has all its factory paint and has never been touched up (welcome any check) - it has never been polished - how gold is that - it could be polished but I think that takes something from it.
Information about Toyota Landcruiser for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Landcruiser Toyota
It has a little rust just on the floors next to the seats as per pics but not in the sills, a little small bit on a back panel behind a sticker and other small bits as expected. All of which I would'nt fix - whole car was rust proofed from new. There are some dents as per images, spare wheel carrier is bent as is one top rear door hinge.
Interior, comes with repo factory correct material for front seats, overall in good condition, rear astro turf mat is non original but it comes with the factory one in pieces, hood lining sagged, missing brown front seat belts, driver side plastic seatbelt cover and rear barn door card
Mechanically, new leaf springs, tyres brakes, diff seals, hub seals, recond factory gearbox, new clutch, new radiator, alternator and every ancillery item on the front of the engine, new A/C condenser (A/C not gassed - needs new hoses, evaporator has been removed and serviced) , carby, etc - factory NOS parts we I couldCar has been fully tuned and runs and drives as new.Photos form part of the description and I could rabbit on, Happy to assist with international freight were I can if required, welcome any inspection, reason for selling is Im downsizing what we have due to lack of use.Direct transfer only - If Paypal - you must pay the extra costs - happy to assist with international freight as wellReserve is fair- dont ask what I will take, bid to win, deposit within 24 hoursRegards

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Item ID: 212160
Sale price: $ 24504
Car location: Darwin, NT, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 26.04.2021
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