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Folding Camping Chair Potable Garden Fishing Outdoor Seat Festival Beach Patio

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Modified Item:No
Sub-Type:Fishing Chairs
Country/Region of Manufacture:China
MPN:Does Not Apply
Type:Camping Chair
Features:Foldable, Lightweight
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This camping chair is the perfect addition to your next picnic! The garden seat features armrests with an integrated holder.
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This can be used to store snacks, drinks or Smartphones. The camping folding chair can easily be stored in the included travel bag and transported by car.
The picnic chair can support up to 90 kg (265 lbs).
Picnic Chair with Cup Holder• Materials: Frame made of powder-coated steel, cover made of tear-proof polyester• Can be folded and stored in any corner or kept in the travel bag to save space• The fishing chair includes comfortable armrests• Integrated holder can be used for snacks, drinks, Smartphones, etc.• Quickly folds and unfolds
Foldable Camping Chair for Travel• Weight: approx 2.2 kg• Can be stored in the practical travel bag with strap and brought along anywhere, quickly folds and unfolds• For maximum user weights of 90KG• Suitable for outdoor use: Ideal for picnics, camping, barbeques, and watching sports matches outside• Camping seats available in blue, black and green
Included in Delivery• 1x camping chair• 1x travel bag

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Item ID: 187068
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: bradford, United Kingdom
Last update: 14.10.2020
Views: 29
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Folding Camping Chair Potable Garden Fishing Outdoor Seat Festival Beach Patio
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