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ford falcon fairmont xa xb xc Gt

Date of Manufacture:19730100
For Sale by:Private Seller
Type of Title:XA ford sedan gt coupe fairmont
Body Type:Sedan
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Metallic green factory fairmont sedan... 6 cylinder auto... All there... Extremely rare car in color and model.... Needs full resto... Is resonably solid but will need repairs... Matching numbers car... Front disc brake car... Bucket seat car... Bid to buy... If your not gunna cough the cash don't piss me off and bid... Mandatory 10% straight after auction ending and within 20 hours.... 7 day pick up after instant deposit made... Nth vic... Ring if you have any questions..... NO DREAMERS WHO ARE JUST LITTLE BOYS WITH NO TOYS..... CHEERS and happy bidding... [hidden information].... 225On 14-Apr-19 at 14:05:26 AEST, seller added the following information:please note, car is missing steering wheel, passenger bucket seat and carby, probly missing some other small odds and ends... just ring me...…...

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Item Information

Item ID: 121964
Car location: Shepparton, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 24.05.2019
Views: 136
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ford falcon fairmont xa xb xc Gt
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