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Ford Falcon XG Panel Van : Bullbar Mag Wheels + derelict panno

$ 444

Ford Falcon XG Panel Van : Bullbar Mag Wheels + derelict panno for Sale
Ford Falcon XG Panel Van : Bullbar Mag Wheels + derelict panno for SaleFord Falcon XG Panel Van : Bullbar Mag Wheels + derelict panno for Sale
Date of Manufacture:199300
Registration State:VIC
Right, Left Hand Drive:Right-Hand Drive
Extras:Tow Bar
Fuel Type:Petrol, Gas
Car Type:Restoration, Salvage
Engine Number:JGCMPD59540
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Van
Number of Previous Owners:2
For Sale by:Private Seller
Engine Size (litre):4.0
Seller Notes:“Bullbar and mag wheels with a free panel van in dubious condition.”
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Bullbar and set of mag wheels to suit Falcon XG (and XF). Comes with a free panel van attached.Pick up Campbells Creek, central Victoria.(The panel van doesn't go but I can get it to a position for easy removal)Faults of the panel van I know of:
Handbrake broken, wasn't needed, I just put into P - I'll throw in a brick for steep hills if you're particularly concerned.Various dingsA/C broken, probably heater too - who needs those you bloody wimpsSurface rust covered by cheap paint that yellowed, I should've paid more the paint and fooled youse all.Battery is near death, needs a charge overnight to make it even think about cranking over the starter, but if it's cold enough for a jumper it's cold enough for jumper cablesQuite thirsty, the fuel pump whines but honestly that is normal.No real petrol capTransmission is also thirsty, some bastard hooked up a trailer and left the brake on, it's needed regular top ups since then. I'm still pissed off.Out of tune when running on gas - the trick is to flick it over to petrol when you get to an intersection.Low coolant sensor not attached, who needs that when the temperature needle works fine plus the temperature needle doubles as your speedo when you tow a caravan in summer.Passenger door rusty and shouldn't be opened. Dukes of Hazzard style entry recommended for the passenger, it looks totally cool.Driver door won't shut (as of last week), which is fine because it's an automatic and you weren't using that other hand.Barn doors come open when accelerating (lost a brand new lap top that way, exciting!)I wouldn't trust the roofracks either.Headlights are quite dim, keeps the drowsiness away while driving at night by being in perpetual terror.Small crack in body near the front suspension, that can't be good.I took off the sway bar so it felt like a 70s cop car in the movies - nice.Lost the coathanger antennae, I think the stereo stopped working so that's mainly a cosmetic issue.The nail holding the gear lever in is brand new, nah I lie - pretty sure I pulled it out of an old piece of wood.AS OF YESTERDAY - no spark, probably distributor - she don't go now. Was hauling trailers the week before no problem, well, apart from the ones listed above.
No rego, no RWC ... well, der.(edit: Call me crazy but there just possibly might be more faults. My mate just took the passenger seatbelt stalk for his panno. It does have fairly new strong alloy head, and probably some other decent parts  - it's a lucky dip of car restoration hell! )Sweet bullbar and mags though.I'm so sorry for not looking after it and letting it get this way. My guilt and regret is your gain.

(Will consider swapping for a black BA ute canopy or enclosed motorbike trailer, (so much for a mourning period, I'm a heartless bastard).)

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Sale price: $ 444
Car location: Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 25.07.2018
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Ford Falcon XG Panel Van : Bullbar Mag Wheels + derelict panno
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