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2008 Ford Fiesta Used Blue 1.4L Manual Diesel Hatchback

Engine Size:1.4
Reg. Date:20080801
Body Type:Hatchback
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

very goodcondition for its age, 101k, the odd knockan bump as you would expect for its age no rust that I can see,some history, cambelt done @80k full injector seal kit replaced at 97k along with full oil change an all filters plus a carbon flush, next service filters included as well as all wiper blades, drives as it should pulls well never had a problem, welcome to view and test drive with valid insurance cover,collection from crediton Devon Ex173ah cash on collection please. Any questions feel free to ask

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Item Information

Item ID: 146977
Car location: Crediton, United Kingdom
Last update: 31.01.2020
Views: 35
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2008 Ford Fiesta Used Blue 1.4L Manual Diesel Hatchback
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