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2003 Ford Mk1 focus rs Used 2L Blue Manual Petrol Hatchback

$ 0

Model:Mk1 focus rs
Engine Size:2
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Service History Available:Yes
Previous owners (excl. current):7
V5 Registration Document:Present
Body Type:Hatchback
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Seller Description

Ford Focus RS 2003 NO 2731 with 75k miles and 10 month MOT. (no advisories on MOT)I have had this car coming on 2 years and in that time I have spent a lot of time and money on it.9 stamps in the service bookOriginal RS wallet7 previous keepers1 Key with RS fobBodywork is in great condition. (no dents or scratches etc)Only modification is the K&N panel filter and Cobra turbo back exhaust.A lot of work has recently went into this car.
All common issues have been replaced and more.A story below of what has been done In the last year and a half.I have had the engine stripped down and rebuilt and replaced the big end bearings, piston rings and every gasket including oil stem seals etc.Hepolite piston ringsMahle big end bearingsFull Victor Reine gasket set. (every gasket and seal on engine has been replaced)Timing belt (Gates)Water pump was sent away and refurbished by SP pumps.
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Thermostat houses and thermostat housing has been replacedFront subframe and arms have been replaced.New sumpSpark plugsIgnition leadsCoil packICV replacedAUX belt tensionerNew front mount cooler for charge coolerK&N air filterMobil 1 oil and Mann filter2 x rear tyresRear calliperGear oil replacedAnd more.I have loads of receipts for all the parts and work.Bad Points.Worn seat on the base due to people getting in and out on the drivers sideSteering wheel showing signs of ageAlloy wheel could do with a refurb1 key

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Item ID: 209106
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.04.2021
Views: 5
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2003 Ford Mk1 focus rs Used 2L Blue Manual Petrol Hatchback
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