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2006 Ford Galaxy Used Black 2L Manual Diesel MPV

$ 0

Exterior:Alloy Wheels
V5 Registration Document:Present
Safety Features:Alarm, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Driver Airbag, Immobiliser, Passenger Airbag, Rear seat belts, Safety Belt Pretensioners, Side Airbags
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Engine Size:2
Country/Region of Manufacture:United Kingdom
In-Car Audio:AM/FM Stereo, CD Player
Reg. Date:20061229
Interior/Comfort Options:Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Leather Seats, Parking Sensors, Power-assisted Steering (PAS), Power Locks, Power Windows, Sunroof
Previous owners (excl. current):4
Metallic Paint:Yes
Body Type:MPV
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

It is in full working order, drives well and starts fine. 4 new tyres, serviced 5 months ago, new filter(not fitted)all included
Unfortunately the car failed its latest MOT due to the following and is not economical for me to repair so am selling as spares / parts.
Last MOTAnti-lock braking system warning lamp indicates an ABS fault (1.6 (b))Nearside Rear Stop lamp(s) not working (4.3.1 (a) (ii))Nearside Rear Suspension arm corroded and seriously weakened trailing arm (5.3.3 (b) (i))Nearside Front Steering rack gaiter missing or no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (2.1.3 (g) (ii))Offside Front Lower Suspension arm ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (5.3.4 (b) (ii))Parking brake efficiency below requirements (1.4.2 (a) (i))Offside Rear Parking brake inoperative on one side (1.4.1 (a))thanks for looking and please feel free to ask any questions, all offers considered, available immediately.

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Item Information

Item ID: 192628
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Epsom, United Kingdom
Last update: 13.11.2020
Views: 11
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2006 Ford Galaxy Used Black 2L Manual Diesel MPV
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