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Gilera Saturno 350 1988

For sale by:Dealer
:Gilera Saturno 350 1988Very low ks: 9xxxkmsAs per pictures Can be registered in Australia 🇦🇺In great condition, runs and rides great. Low ks see in photos. Perfect motorbike to ride as is or ad to a collection Can assist with registration and freight Finance options are available, can pay off motorbike See video of motorbike running
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Seller Description

Gilera Saturno 350 1988Very low ks: 9xxxkmsAs per picturesCan be registered in Australia🇦🇺In great condition, runs and rides great.Low ks see in photos. Perfect motorbike to ride as is or ad to a collectionCan assist with registration and freightFinance options are available, can pay off motorbikeSee video of motorbike running[hidden information]/

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Item Information

Item ID: 89645
Motorcycle location: Springwood, QLD, Australia
Last update: 29.10.2018
Views: 186
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Gilera Saturno 350 1988
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