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GMC: Sierra 2500 SLT

$ 33846

GMC: Sierra 2500 SLT for Sale
GMC: Sierra 2500 SLT for SaleGMC: Sierra 2500 SLT for Sale
Sub Model:SLT
Exterior Color:BlueMetallic
Model:Sierra 2500
Interior Color:Gray
Engine:6.6 Duramax
Drive Type:4WD
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2015 GMC Duramax. with Alliston 6 spd. Transmission. Standard 6.5 ft box with spray in box liner.Suspension Pkg with trailer handling.  Axle ratio 3.73  SLT preferred equipment pkg. Chrome wheels; Quick Silver metallic paint. Leather seats,heated & cooled; Audio System, 8" touch screen with Navigation; Driver alert. Engine block heater,Exhaust brake; dual heavy duty battery;Recovery hooks;Chrome tubular assist steps; Front and rear park assist. Flipbak tonneau cover;This highly optioned truck was originally registered in the USA.,exported to Ontario Canada;It is currently in Canada; (Toronto area). I will assist an American buyer with exporting the truck back to the States if so desired.

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Sale price: $ 33846
Car location: Elmira, Ontario, Canada
For sale by: Owner
Last update: 9.06.2018
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GMC: Sierra 2500 SLT
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