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GPZ900R A7 1990 H reg For Sale

Capacity (cc):900
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Seller Description

Excellent condition 1990 A7 GPZ900R.
Has been well looked after over years with full list off work carried out since 2001.
Since I have owned the bike the carbs have been off and ultrasonic cleaned, as has the front calliper. New seals and head gasket, new rear tyre only done 30miles and the front a few hundred.

Compression checked also and everything is good for a bike with 53k miles. This was carried out by a professional bike mechanic who had run these bikes for years himself.
Wheels have been power coated and look like new.
Starts and runs well.
MOT expired last month, but will get that done before a completed sale.
Test ride upon cleared funds, payment upon collection.
Please no time wasters, and forget about silly offers the bike doesn’t sell it’s no hardship. It’s a future classic that will continue to rise in value.
Reason for sale, looking at an enduro bike to ride with my daughter who has just started riding.
Thanks for looking.

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Item Information

Item ID: 212826
Motorcycle location: Thirsk, United Kingdom
Last update: 30.04.2021
Views: 25
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GPZ900R A7 1990 H reg
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