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Used Greeves 250 pre65 Trials Bike

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Seller Description

Greeves 250 pre65 Trials Bike - 32a motor- the clearout continues
- been using this until latest lockdown- it could do with some paint and a tidy up- starts easy with electronic ignition- updated kickstart, exhaust, footrests, alloy rims
cash on collection from PO20 near Chichester, or bank transfer and I am happy to meet your courier- inspection invited call [hidden information] to arrange, No texts thanksIf it goes over 2k I will throw in a spare matching fibreglass tank and a pair of new fibreglass mudguards
-- just to clarify a few points raised - the bike was inspected at Ardingly last year by a helpful gent who worked with Don Smith at the factory and although the frame number is of a roadster the subframe is competition type and it is fitted with Trials forks and the exhaust is the export pattern. There are several other very small mods apart from the obvious more recent ones ie Alloy Rims, Folding footrests, electronic ignition, kickstart. The main mod which has not been done is to fit a floating front brake stay which allows the forks to dip under braking rather than have them lift, something I got used to quite quickly.There is also a blanking plug in the cylinder head where a decompressor could be fitted.I have fitted a slow action twistgrip and made the brakes work and I find it a nicer ride than the Anglian I had previously with the banana forks.I appreciate that there are some purists out there but looking at all of the pre65 bikes for sale most do not have much of the original parts in them or they would not be competitive.Thanks

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Item Information

Item ID: 208905
Motorcycle location: Bracklesham Bay, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.04.2021
Views: 52
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Greeves 250 pre65 Trials Bike
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