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Used 1971 Greeves Griffon 380QUB Used Green, BRG

Model:Griffon 380QUB
Colour:Green, BRG
Start Type:Kick start
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Seller Description

1971 Greeves 380 QUB Scrambler / Motocross Bike
In very nice condition, runs well
Owned since 1987, restored/rebuilt in the 90’s and last
raced in 2000
35mm Ceriani Front Forks / Marzocchi rear shocks
Akront flanged alloy rims
Reconditioned Motoplat Ignition (done approx.18months ago)
Seat recovered by R K Leighton
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Item Information

Item ID: 223353
Motorcycle location: Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Last update: 6.07.2021
Views: 272
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1971 Greeves Griffon 380QUB Used Green, BRG
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