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Used greeves scotish

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Seller Description

geeves scotishhi,this was my dads bike.he owned this for a long time.i beleave it is 1960.the bike as been left to me but sadly ave no use for it.i will try to be honest as i can with the little i know.the bike turns over ok but as not run for some years,its all painted with a brush including tank and wheels.the mudgaurds are plastic.theres a crack in casing were ht lead comes out.lug for tank on frame is missing.(all in photos)it sounds like i'm being hard but i wanted you to know this needs some work.your more than welcome to view covid free.i will let the auction run to the last bid(fair for everyone)PLEASE NO BUY IT NOW.I DONT WANT ANY TIME WASTERS.wf4 areawot you see is wot you get so the bits that are missing you will after on collection please. happy bidding.On 12-Feb-21 at 05:15:53 GMT, seller added the following information:no log book but full receipt will be given.collection only.

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Item Information

Item ID: 217943
Motorcycle location: wakefield, United Kingdom
Last update: 2.06.2021
Views: 51
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greeves scotish
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