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Used Greeves Special

Type:Racing (not road legal)
Engine Size:250
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Seller Description

This is not a Silverstone, but is as close as I could get to one. I looked for a number of years for a genuine Silverstone without success so decided to build a replica. This was originally a 24MDS frame rescued from a shed in the Cotswolds and used by me for classic racing.
Since acquiring the frame, I have built it up to what you see in the pictures. It has a twin leading shoe front brake which is not original and a Villiers A series 250 engine with a Marcelle all alloy top end. Carburettor is Amal MK2 32mm. Ignition is total loss battery and points. Last run at Castle Combe in 2018 so it will need minor recomissioning before use. Gearbox was stripped and rebuilt by Simon Bateman at Nametab Engineering to make the gearchange more positive. Rims are 18" alloy and shod with good tyres fit for purpose.
It was my intention to ride in 2020 so gave the whole bike a bare frame repaint in 2K synthetic but clearly pandemic events have prevented this.
As far as I can tell, it requires only light recommissioning as it has not been run since 2018 when all the fluids were drained for storage. I would suggest new crank seals might be required before attempting to start the engine, although these were renewed in 2018. The buyer will have the option of a 4 stroke powered paddock starter and stand for an additional ВЈ350, see picture, and a substantial custom built trailer for ВЈ100 if desired so it can be towed home. I can also offer a four berth motor caravan to complete the ready-to-go-racing package, ask for details if interested. These will not be sold separately. I have declined offers around ВЈ3000 for bike alone already so please do not make similar offers. Payment will be cash on collection, no Paypal due to fees, but bank transfer acceptable subject to clearance. If required, I may be able to deliver within 100 road miles of Plymouth for ВЈ1 a mile one way but payment by bank transfer will have to be made before I leave home.

Any further and it will be cheaper to use a courier which the buyer is welcome to arrange. For sale elsewhere so may be withdrawn.

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Item Information

Item ID: 241915
Motorcycle location: Plymouth, United Kingdom
Last update: 20.11.2021
Views: 95
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Greeves Special
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