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1964 Greeves Sports twin Used

Model:Sports twin
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Seller Description

Selling only to create space for next projectGreeves sports twin 1964.25dcRestored a couple of years back ,far to many new parts to list,but including new coils full rewiring ,clutch, re painting you name it!!!Starts easy,have one tooth bigger sproket on front but have a new original size goes with the bike,Only bad points,small weep on gearbox gear selector shaft,common fault(o ring),could possibly need points,carb fettling ,runs ok though,but not used much this year,Ideal for classic 2stroke fans.needs to be enjoyed.Tax mot free.Pick up only ,cash,bank tranfer please.

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Item Information

Item ID: 229947
Motorcycle location: arlesey, United Kingdom
Last update: 17.08.2021
Views: 139
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1964 Greeves Sports twin Used
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