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Used Harley Davidson Evo FLSTF Chopper/Bobber 1997

V5 Registration Document:Present
Date of 1st Registration:19971101
Transmission:5 Speed Manual
Drive Type:Chain
Capacity (cc):1340
MOT Expiration Date:22/5/2022
Gears:Five-speed manual
Manufacturer:Harley davidson
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Vehicle Type:Chopper/ Cruiser
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Seller Description

1997 Harley-Davidson 1340cc
Evo FLSTF Chopper/Bobber
This fine motorcycle was built over
an 8 month period last year and has had very limited use since. I have just
given her a full oil service: Engine, Primary and Gearbox, using HD recommended
The mileage is tiny at only 12,300 –
and that’s on a 24yr old motorcycle!
В· Frame modification by Chris Hoare
В· Gleaming black paintwork on the frame and tin-ware by Kustom-Kolors
В· Polishing by McAdams Specialist Metal Polishing
В· Narrowglide front end with new White Power lowered internals
В· RSD hydraulic clutch
В· 5 speed transmission
В· Kustom Tech polished controls
В· Biltwell Whiskey throttle
В· Biltwell seat
В· Braided hoses
· 8 ½” mini apes
В· S&S Teardrop air cleaner
В· Mikuni HSR42 Carburettor
В· S&S Inlet Manifold
В· Pingel race fuel taps
В· One off stainless steel goose pipes (stock exhausts
· New 21” front wheel 16” rear wheel with stainless steel
spokes and as new Avon tyres
В· Stainless steel nuts, bolts, flat and spring or fibre
washers throughout
В· One off wiring loom c/w new lithium battery
В· Dynatek Ignition
В· Vintage Chop tail lampFar
too much more to list!
This beautiful motorcycle turns
heads everywhere it goes! It is the perfect bike for anyone who wants all the
looks of a hardtail Chopper/Bobber, but with a little more comfort. It has a
great presence, a lovely stance and has a perfect riding position. At 6ft tall
and 200Lbs , it is one of the most comfortable chopper motorcycles I’ve ever had or
A search was made for a low mileage
Evo Softail as a basis for this chopper build and after viewing a lot of rubbish out there, an 11,000 mile anniversary FLSTF Fat boy located in Ealing, was eventually chosen. You can imagine how much a low mileage Anniversary
FLSTF Evo Fat boy (that had just undergone a major service at Warrs of Chelsea),
had to change hands for!
The bike then spent the next 8
months being constructed and assembled by a very talented young builder on the
South Coast, who had a � no expense spared’ attitude and a wealth of knowledge.
He literally ended up spending several thousand on this build, but it does
show, because the motorcycle is in a league of its own and is an absolute
credit to the vision and talent of the builder!
A host of best parts were sourced and there are stainless fasteners everywhere, new bearings and seals etc, all down to show quality black gleaming
paintwork and stainless steel polishing. The factory chrome was all stripped off and parts painted
in genuine Harley wrinkle paint. A new fuel tank and rear mudguard, genuine
Harley Davidson forward controls (very hard to find), the list is almost
endless. So what he ended up with, is a reliable, great handling and seriously
cool looking motorcycle, which he sadly had to part with and which I managed to purchase from him
last June.
I have covered just short of 1000 miles
on her since buying the bike last year and it has never let me down. It has been
meticulously maintained, polished and pampered in my garage ever since. I
certainly didn’t plan on selling it, so no dreamers or daft offers please, but
life changes so I’m offering it up for sale regardless ...
The photos in the ad do not do this motorcycle
the justice it deserves. This bike has been built to exacting standards…
you really don't get any better and you certainly won’t be disappointed.
Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the mainland
UK, lockdown or not!
Payment by BACS, no PayPal
Fresh MOT until 22nd May
Price: ВЈ14,995
View here on YouTube:
Any questions please ask ..

Thank you

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Item Information

Item ID: 231051
Motorcycle location: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Last update: 24.08.2021
Views: 98
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Harley Davidson Evo FLSTF Chopper/Bobber 1997
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