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Harley Davidson Softail springer cvo 2008 screaming eagle

Date of Manufacture:20080100
For sale by:Private seller
Registration Number:ID 326
Gears:Six-speed manual
Model:Springer Softail CVOFXSTSSE screaming eagle
Start Type:Electric start
Drive Type:Belt
Number of Gears:6
Product Type:Road Bikes
Date of 1st Registration:20080101
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Harley Davidson CVO Softail Springer 2008 Screaming eagle has a 110 engine upgrade never been used since works been done top end engine rebuild with a 110 engine upgrade kit by ghost riders motorcycles The rest of the bike just needs putting back together most parts are there thanksCall Alex [hidden information]

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Item Information

Item ID: 116301
Motorcycle location: Reservoir, VIC, Australia
Last update: 17.04.2019
Views: 232
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Harley Davidson Softail springer cvo 2008 screaming eagle
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