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Holden 1971 LC Torana S Coupe Rolling Body - not a GTR XU1,Commodore HK HT HG HQ

$ 13566

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“missing parts - mostly original paint - nil accident damage - suit restoration”
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

I purchased this genuine one owner Adelaide built 7/1971 LC Torana S Coupe 14 years ago.The car was owned by a 90 year old gentleman who bought this vehicle new fromReg Hunt Motors in Elsternwick Melbourne.After 36 years of ownership he wasn't able to drive anymore due to his old age and the vehicle just sat in his yard. After a while the vehicle got broken into. (see the drivers door and the bootlid have been damaged and locks missing) So then the gentleman's family convinced him to sell it and that is when I bought it in 2007.It was last registered in July 2007 and that registration sticker is still on the front windscreen. -------------------------------------I have taken parts off this car for another project and as you can see this vehicle is now incomplete.To summarize- Some parts are missing.- Some parts are original to this car.- Some parts have been swapped.The pictures tell the story so study them well because what you see is what you get. (The seats and carpet come with the sale - they were only removed to photograph the condition of the floor).I can send more pictures and info through ebay of specific areas if required. -------------------------------------- THE DIFFERENTIALThe diff is out of another LC that I also bought in 2007. I have two receipts from the previous owner with some information about this diff.- One is dated 14-6-2000 from Trans Diff Greenacre for the "Borg Warner Diff conversion to suit LC Torana with 4.11:1 ratio, 28 spline LSD with commodore stud pattern, full reco centre, new wheel bearings $1850."(Now the vehicle that the diff came out of last registration expired 9-8-2001)-The second receipt for additional work on this diff is dated 7-11-03 from Bears Diff and Gearbox St Marys. It states "Supplied and fitted Bearings, Seals, Heavy duty four pin 28 spline LSD Hemisphere x 2 rear wheel bearings to one 4:11 Borg Warner cut down LC Torana diff $880".So the vehicle the diff came out of wasn't registered again after that latest work.Although the previous owner did tell me that he once trailered it to the dragstrip to test the car but then got busy with work etc and eventually sold it to me.So take from all that what you will. I have only had one short drive in it when I purchased it before pulling the car apart. When I drove it I didn't notice any noises so as far as I know the diff is OK but I make no guarantees because I have never had it apart. ------------------------------------- CROSSMEMBERThe K frame/crossmember has also been swapped from another car but it looks like it has taken a hit at some stage and in my opinion would need replacing. It also has the VL commodore stud pattern (with drilled and slotted brake rotors)Steering column has also been swapped and it has been modified with a non original steering coupling.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
--------------------------------------The front and back seats are from an LC GTR but will need restoring.The rims are 6"x15" commodore police interceptors. -------------------------------------- THE BODYNow here is the best part!Apart from the bonnet all panels are original to this car. This car has minor car park dings but it has never been involved in an accident.All the factory spot welds are in place throughout the body.Panel gaps are original as it left the factory.All the original panel style lines and curves are there. (It has been great using this body as a lines and contour reference for another project - especially the rear quarter panels)All the factory lead joins are there.I have been right over this whole body with a flexible fridge magnet and there is absolutely no body filler (apart from a 50 cent piece size area in the beaver panel under the left tail light and about the same size area on the left guard below the aerial which are hardly worth mentioning)Apart from these few touchups the 50 year old "Covert Beige" paintwork is factory original.I ran the buff over it and it is very thin in places with the factory red oxide primer starting to show through in some areas.The paint in the engine bay, boot undercarriage and interior are also factory original and never repainted.The only metal I have taken from the shell is the battery tray, a throttle bracket from the fire wall and two speaker sized circles of metal from the rear parcel shelf (hidden by parcel shelf board) other than that it's untouched.I degreased the undercarriage to reveal that the chassis rails etc are in straight unmodified and great condition as seen in pics.As far as rust goes it needs two new front floorpans, lower front guards and the worst of it is the lower front apron. The other usual rust areas around the windows, boot floor, lower quarter etc are all pretty simple repairs.Please see pictures and I can send more pics through ebay of specific areas if required.Keep in mind that a lot of this sort of rust and dings (and worse) are usually hidden under bog, but with this car nothing is covered up so what you see is what you get.It is an honest body with no surprises or modifications.You will also have the peace of mind that being a body with factory paint and no accidents that everything from the chassis rails to the body is in proper alignment. --------------------------------------Compliance plate never removed and it's number matches the the number stamped on inner guard.Body ID plate on radiator support never removed, but the head of one factory rivet was corroded off so I replaced that one rivet with an ordinary pop rivet.Original Reg Hunt seller dealer sticker also still on the radiator support.The small vin plate was missing when I bought the car but I have since found out what the number is from the "GMH Vehicle Master Listing" - and so will be supplied with sale.
This is an auction so no buy it now price will be given.
10% deposit to be made within two days of auction end or contact asap to make arrangements.
Happy Bidding

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Item Information

Item ID: 205374
Sale price: $ 13566
Car location: Emerald, QLD, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 27.02.2021
Views: 10
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Holden 1971 LC Torana S Coupe Rolling Body - not a GTR XU1,Commodore HK HT HG HQ
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