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Holden HK Monaro 1968 Picardy Red Base Model Coupe

Date of Manufacture:196800
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Coupe
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Great project as most of the hard to find parts come with it.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

HK Monaro Picardy Red with Black Trim For Sale.FIREWALL No. HK37### SS Pagewood Sydney Build.Our first impression of this car was that it was a genuine barn find. Covered in dust and still sporting its dull Picardy Red paint and original black interior trim, this early HK Monaro really captured our eye. The previous owner bought this car believing it was a genuine Picardy Red GTS Monaro as the tags with the car state. We commenced our inspection and noticed a few clues that indicated to us that it was indeed a base model car. After researching and comparing the tags to the firewall number we found that the body was about 6 – 8 weeks too early in production so it may have been that case that the GTS body was too rusty or in an accident as nothing unusual came back from our check into this vehicle firewall number or the tags that are with it.This body has the typical rusty areas plus more as you will see in the photos. To assist with this restoration project we have included the hard to get repair section to repair the bulkhead and under dash area, front floorpans & lower 'A' pillar section . The areas in need of body repair are listed below and please refer to the photos for more detail and we welcome inspections in person.To ensure that all the parts were with this car, we made the decision to put it back together as a complete rolling body with all the panels back on, as well as door and window mechanisms, glass and mouldings. The Monaro is not 100% complete, however most of the very hard to find parts are with the car.View further 65 Photos available by request or at hkhthgpartsandpanels site.
We inspection welcome.
As mentioned, this base model HK Monaro came with the GTS tags as described below and there are no base model tags.
IDENTIFICATION TAGSBODY No. 80737KR-009##-H5 (GTS HK 9##th GTS - Sydney)
TRIM. 1152-10X (Black)
PAINT. [hidden information] (Picardy Red)
FIREWALL No. HK 370## S (Pagewood Sydney)
RUNNING GEAR & ENGINE BAY:186 Holden 6 cyl (not fitted but can bolt it in if required)Wiper motor, hornSubframe and drum front end.Big nut drum master cylinderBanjo diff housingSprings and heater box & HK heater tap
INTERIOR:HK standard 120 mph instrument cluster, & all wiringHK dash speedo facia.
Information about Holden Monaro for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Monaro Holden
HK Kingswood glove box lidShort centre facia.Ashtray.Dashpad.Standard steering wheel.Black blank column.Front black tilt seats.Rear Seat top and bottom..Rear vision mirror.short golfball sunvisors.Roof lining and roof bows.All rear internals and inner trims.Doors and all internals.Front Quarter glass windows and frames & diecast supports.Base model door trims (no carpet on bottoms) and top capping.base model rear inner quarter trims (no armrest holes) & top cappingHeater demister, slide controls and fan switch.Pair of Flat buckle seat belts – date code 2K8 & 1K8.
STAINLESS STEEL MOULDINGSFront and rear screens mouldings and joiners.Pair of Front gutter moulds.Pair of Rear gutter extensions.RH top quarter mould.Right Front top door mould.Pair under roof rail moulds.Pair rear opera window upright moulds
Missing - the LH top door & LH top rear 1/4 moulds.
EXTERIORHK Grille, headlights and surrounds.Pair of front indicators.Front and rear bumpers & bracketsHK GTS taillights.HK GTS original boot garnishoriginal HK petrol tank
GLASSComplete set of 6 piece side glass. (matching 1968 date codes)Front and rear windscreens.REPAIR SECTIONS - These go with the saleBulkhead section, c/w underdash plenumn chamberFront floor pan and sills, with excellent lower 'A' pillars.
When we got this HK Monaro to the workshop, it was completely stripped down bare shell, tied on a boat trailer.Before fitting up subframe, assembling dash & interior & hanging panels etc, we photo'd the extent of rust that will be in need of repairs.
Dave has made a brief list here and you can call Dave direct on o4I2 Io9 239 for more information.
BODY REPAIRS NEEDED:LH firewall bulkhead section behind subframe.LH lower 'A' pillar section. (Genuine replacementlower 'A' pillars come with it as mentioned)Lower front screen opening (middle section)Both front floorpans. (Genuine replacement front floor pan section come with it as mentioned)Needs rear floorpans.inner rear sill sections.outer sills (mainly rear section).front half quarter panels.lower rear quarter sections.upper sail panel/rear roof gutter sections inner & outers.rear deck filler panel & rear screen lower opening corners.rear beaver panel, & inner bottoms
PANELS etcDoor shells are in very good original condition & would be awesome to fit new skins.Boot lid appears to be good original condition with no rust in frame. (few minor dents)Bonnet is good original HK one & just surface rusty.Guards are pretty rough & bogged up. best to salvage flute sections of just replace.Bumpers not the best, but good for reco, or salvage brackets & fit repro ones.Rear parcel shelf and rear windscreen open is very good.
Full payment and pick up required within 7 days of auctionfinish.Can inspect the vehicleat anytime.Pictures form part of description.

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Item Information

Item ID: 152622
Car location: Moolap, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 30.04.2020
Views: 177
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Holden HK Monaro 1968 Picardy Red Base Model Coupe
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