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Holden HQ premier S/Wagon very rare factory 253 V8 4 speed

For Sale by:Private Seller
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Super rare and very original 1973 HQ Holden Premier station wagonPossibly one of one built with this colour combination,drive line and accessoriesFactory 253 V8 4 speed with factory power steeringMelbourne built, Adelaide assembledShowing 62290 kmOwners manual and air conditioning manual, (Was fitted with underdash a/c when i purchased it, i removed it the re-fit the console, all other components are still in the engine bay, the underdash unit will come with the sale)Rare Tangerine colour (Particularly in Premier)10 Bolt Salisbury diffApprox 90% original paint with some patina, no signs of any major accidents, only minor touch upsReliable car with new exhaust system and whitewall tyresAccessories fitted are genuine door handle scratch plates,side venetians,mudflaps,inside door pull handles and front bumper over riders
Body ID TagModel: HQ 81235 (Premier Wagon)Body number: 89222A ([hidden information]nd HQ built in Adelaide)Trim: 1816-39R (Chesnut vynil)Paint: [hidden information]2 (Tangerine)Trans: M20 (4 Speed)
2nd Big Tag9/73: (Built September 1973)D3166M (Melbourne chassis, number-matches number on rail)5 Seat: (Front bucket seats)
VIN8 P 35 R D J3 [hidden information]Q8 = HoldenP = Premier35 = Station WagonR = 253 High compression engineD = 1/9/1973 - 30/8/1974J3 = Dandenong Vic[hidden information] = Cars built at the plantQ = HQ
Engine number QR[hidden information]Please message me for my number, i prefer to chat on the phoneFull payment within 48 hours of auction ending, cash or bank transfer or will need to re list it.
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Item Information

Item ID: 108646
Car location: Country SA, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 25.02.2019
Views: 137
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Holden HQ premier S/Wagon very rare factory 253 V8 4 speed
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