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Holden HT Premier Station Wagon, Matching numbers

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

1969 HT Holden Premier Station WagonUnrestored survivor with only 2 registered ownersFactory matching numbers car with owners manuals and rare GMH broadcast sheetBroadcast sheet dated 14/11/1969 and sale date in protector plan booklet 19/11/1969 (See last pic)The broadcast sheet was found between the left front passenger carpet and underfelt, i removed the carpet due to what appeared to be an oil stain which wouldnt clean up, the carpet has been replaced with the correct loop pile and colour and the original underfelt hasnt been disturbedThe car has its original tinted, zone toughened windscreen as listed on the broadcast sheetInland NSW car with an excellent body Not a rust bucket or a bitsa like many othersWith the exception of the right front guard and bonnet all the remaining paint appears to be original with no signs of bogDrives extremely well, car feels tight, engine is quiet even on start up and the transmission changes smoothlyPrevious owner fitted extractors,186S carby and inlet manifold, the car will come with the original inlet manifold, carby and air cleanerFirewall number - HT27054SSEngine number - 186P[hidden information] (Matches book)18816 Miles showing ([hidden information] Miles)Model - 81135TR (Holden Premier Station Wagon)Body number - 372 - H5 (Number 372 HT Sydney plant)Trim - 1179 - 11R (Exterior comb, Antique Gold)Paint - 567 - 10974 (Paint line number - Platinum metallic)VIN - 81135TH[hidden information] (Premier Wagon)T (HT Series)H6 (Sydney)[hidden information] (Vehicles built at Sydney Plant)Please call zero four three eight four two double three double four for more infoFull payment within 48 hours of auction end unless prior arrangemnt made or the car will be relistedDirect deposit is prefered, if you want to pay with paypal please be prepared to pay any fees and wait until the funds are cleared before collection.Can assist with transport at buyers expenseThanks Pete
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Item Information

Item ID: 125267
Car location: Country SA, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 24.06.2019
Views: 192
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Holden HT Premier Station Wagon, Matching numbers
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