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Holden VS Ute, V8 manual LSD, no reserve

$ 2311

Holden VS Ute, V8 manual LSD, no reserve for Sale
Holden VS Ute, V8 manual LSD, no reserve for SaleHolden VS Ute, V8 manual LSD, no reserve for Sale
Date of Manufacture:20
Registration State:VIC
For Sale by:Private Seller
Model:VS Ute
Body Type:Utility
Engine Size (litre):5.0
Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Seller Notes:“Great driver. Last of the Aussie V8s.”
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Let’s start from the start. This is not an S Ute and it’s
not an SS. Nor is it an ex-divvy van. It is, in fact, a 2000 model-year VS
Olympic Edition Commodore Ute.

Thing is, whoever bought it brand-new went berserk with the
options list so it’s a factory five-litre V8, five-speed manual with an LSD. Go

This model was also, according to research I just made up,
the official utility of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Without it, Cathy Freeman
would never have won gold.

Since those glory days, the ute has travelled 256,000km and
it has rego until June.

Those who know their Holdens will see that, being a late,
late, late VS (the ute was made alongside the new VT sedans and wagons) it got
the VT-spec driveline, including the roller-cam V8 with sequential injection
and the Getrag five-speed (versus the old T5). This was the old Iron Lion’s
finest moment.

Mechanically, she runs like a beauty and I drive it
interstate with no worries. The gearshift has a bunch of play in it but the
clutch is good and the brakes were overhauled a couple of years ago. It has new
suspension bushes in the rear, too. It drives tight as a fish’s.

Inside there’s a Momo steering wheel, some REALLY cheap aftermarket
buckets (I bought the ute off a bloke who was 140kg not-out and the driver’s
seat had collapsed) and a CD player.

The body is fundamentally straight with a few little dings
and bumps here and there. The paint is flat and chalky in spots, but at least
it’s the original paint and isn’t hiding anything ratty. There is zero rust in
the thing. Even the tray is straight and ding-free suggesting it hasn’t carried
anything weird. Some nimrod has cut VZ guard flutes into the front quarters.
No, I don’t know why either. Beautiful job, though. Don’t like the canopy? Four
bolts and you have the original handsome lines of the VS ute and the kids have
a new cubby.

The wheels are 18-inch ROHs and the tyres are Pirelli P-Zero
Rossos with tons of tread left.

Thems with a keen eye will know that the driveline alone is
worth the starting price, but really, it’s too good a ute to part out and there’s
lots of life left in it.

The auction will run for the full term (been caught out like
that before today) and it’s a no-reserve deal. I encourage you to come and look
before you bid and the car is located in Ferntree Gully in Melbourne’s outer

Thanks for looking and remember: Bid early, and bid often.

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Sale price: $ 2311
Car location: Ferntree Gully, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 14.05.2018
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Holden VS Ute, V8 manual LSD, no reserve
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