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Honda CB350 Four 1972

Type:Sports Touring
Street Name:Four
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Seller Description

Hi, up for sale is my fathers Honda CB350 four.
He bought it in Feb 2015 as a Nevada US import from D&K Motorcycles.
Bike then went through an extensive restoration with rebore and new pistons, head skim, new gaskets and seals etc and finished off with a set of brand new Honda OEM exhausts.

The bike is as original as it gets and is even fitted with a pair of brand new Avon tyres.There is a folder full of paperwork with it, including dating certificate, UK registration documents and MOT certificates and original owners handbook.
It was Mot'd in September 2017 then after being sat in the garage due to a change of circumstances, MOT'd again 2 weeks ago prior to being put up for sale. As it's sat for a bit, prob wants usual checks to satisfy yourself before you enjoying riding it (we have changed the oil again for peace of mind).
As mentioned, it is as original as it can be and you will notice it's still sporting the original paintwork which has faded due to the Nevada sunshine. Also, the fork shrouds are chipped and dented - probably down to an over eager guy with a tie down strap?Side panels are good.To be very pedantic, there is a small repair on the seat and a tiny ding on the front mudguard.
We have priced the bike to reflect that the paintwork needs doing - but whoever buys this bike can decide what to to with that and has a chance to add value (quite a bit compared to what it will cost) - but the bike is totally useable as is. Ride it and enjoy it this year, do the paintwork over the winter?Make no mistake, this is so good, it could be a show bike with the paintwork sorted.Viewings are welcome to appreciate the bike.
If you are looking for one of these fantastic appreciating classic Honda's then, with the mileage this one has, give this one serious consideration.
Bike is located in Hexham, Northumberland and is for collection only. The price may be ever so slightly negotiable for the right owner.
Any questions - just ask.

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Item Information

Item ID: 214286
Motorcycle location: Brampton, United Kingdom
Last update: 10.05.2021
Views: 92
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Honda CB350 Four 1972
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