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honda cbr1000f 1997

$ 2717

honda cbr1000f 1997 for Sale
honda cbr1000f 1997 for Salehonda cbr1000f 1997 for Sale
Date of Manufacture:19970100
For sale by:Private seller
Date of 1st Registration:19970101
Modified Item:Yes
Registration Number:unregistered
Gears:Five-speed manual
Engine Capacity (cc):998
Drive Type:Chain
Number of Gears:5
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i have a cbr1000f for sale, which has not been ridden for 3 years. it is in very good condition. i have reupholstered the seat ,it has new battery, and the carbs have been taken apart and cleaned. new plugs ,oil and filter replaced. i did intend to ride it but age and medications were against me. the bike has good tires, and is well worth a look. It starts and runs first time.

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Sale price: $ 2717
Motorcycle location: Mooroolbark, VIC, Australia
Last update: 6.11.2018
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honda cbr1000f 1997
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