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Honda CBR1000RR

$ 3986

Honda CBR1000RR for Sale
Honda CBR1000RR for SaleHonda CBR1000RR for Sale
Date of Manufacture:20040500
For sale by:Private seller
Gears:Six-speed manual
Start Type:Electric start
Number of Gears:6
Engine Capacity (cc):998
Product Type:Road Bikes
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Honda CBR1000RR
2004 Honda CBR1000rr which has the lookalike Mick Doohan fairing kit.
 A few notes to make, the engine is basically new & from a written off show bike which only had 2000kms. The new owner dropped the bike & decided to write it off(or couldn't ride, lol)
The speedo says 12,xxx kms as it was the closest I could find to suit engine kms, so minus 10,000kms is the true engine kms. The bike has done 35,000kms.
Trying to not be confusing or be misleading.
The bike had a service with oil change & oil filter & new spark plugs when installing engine. Just had fork seals done as left fork was slightly leaking & also had all brakes bled.
Tyres are as new with the little rubber bits still showing. Battery is only 10 months old & always on trickle charge with connector under rear seat for easy charging.

Rego is until 24/01/2019
Grab yourself a fantastic bike with nothing to spend. A bike that gets plenty of attention & looks.
Great bike to ride. Sad to see go :(
Any questions I'm happy to answer.
Thanks for looking.

Update photo added. I have spare parts used or brand new, they include clutch & brake handles(used but as new)full sets of front & rear brake pads(new) original seats(used) luggage rack(used) GPS(mounting point is on bike)headlight covers(new) & front(new) & rear(used) HEL brake lines. Front sprocket(new)

All included :)

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Sale price: $ 3986
Motorcycle location: Bathurst, NSW, Australia
Last update: 6.12.2018
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Honda CBR1000RR
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