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Honda CBX1000Z unmolested, unrestored, 2 owners, 14000 miles For Sale

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Seller Description

Just one previous owner. I imported it from Chiemgau Classics, you can see the original listing here with a lot of detailed pictures: came with the original German documents, which I copied before sending to DVLA for UK registration. Also came with receipts to show the bike had undergone a light recommissioning, including new coils, all calipers rebuilt with new seals, new battery, newDID630 chain, new BT45 tyres, oil and filter change. It ran ok to start with, but as I put a few miles on it, the tick-over became erratic.I took the tank off, removed the petrol tap and found the original integral filter tube had disintegrated. I assumed therefore that crud had got through to the carbs. I flushed the tank with Bilt Hamber Deox C to clean the tank out and make sure it was as clean as can be, then had Andy Hutton (A&H Performance and CBX guru) work his magic on it.Carbs were removed, cleaned and balanced, with new pilot jets and connection rubbers. I bought a new genuine Honda filter for the petrol tap and always use fuel stabiliser every time I fill up with super unleaded. Now ticks over at next to nothing and runs faultlessly.Slight clutch rattle at tick-over,butthat disappears over 1200rpm and operates fine. I bought new rubbers from the Six Centre in case it gets any worse. They come with the bike.It isn't a modern bike, so don'texpect it toride like one.However, it does ride as a 42 year old bike should when it was new.I was riding big Hondas back in the late 70’s and early 80’s and it rides as I’d expect.Oil and filter changed every 6 months, I only use JASOratedMineral oil: that's what was available when the bike was new so I stick with it, usually Motul. The cables are new and the brake fluid was changed a few months ago. After market (surprisingly effective) drilled discs fitted, originals come with the bike. Fork brace fitted which I'm sure it needs!There was a slight oil weep from the head cover gasket as it had lost its elasticity over time but this has been replaced together with new bolt sealing washers and its been oil tight ever since. Whilst the cover was off, I checked all shim clearances and they were spot on. I also dropped the sump and checked the oil screen filter which was as clean as a whistle. I had already bought a new replacement screen in case it was brittle and broke, so fitted the new one whilst the sump was off. All gaskets are new, I have kept all the old service parts to hand over to the buyer.The bike has now done around 14 thousand miles in total. I replaced the original KPH speedo with a MPH one from Louis Mintrone and fitted a left hand dip headlight from David Silver, effectively making it a UK spec bike. Original speedo and headlight to be handed over to the buyer.Voltmeter shows a very healthy 13.5 Volts at 2000 revs and lights off. Drops to 13 Volts with the lights on.The original tool kit is present, complete with its spark plug feeler gauge in its little pocket! Original owners manual in its wallet behind the side panel.The indicators are all original Stanley items. Two sets of original keys which fit all locks.Auseful piece ofinfo that I found out from Ian Fosters CBX book....there is a stencilled number on the back of the gearbox, just above the swingarm that designates when the engine was built. It starts with the year, but it is in the Japanese Showa calendar, 1978 being Showa year 53, 1979 is Showa year 54 etc. I thought I'd have a look and there it is, my number is 53-11-22, so the date of manufacture of my engine was November 22nd 1978. There is another number underneath that designating the production number on the day. Mine says 36 so it was the 36th off the line that day. I really didn't expect it to be so visible after more than 40 years, but it is quite clear.

Gives the bike a bit more provenance andshows it hasn’t been messed with.Paint is as it left the factory. A few light scratches on the black stripe on the tank near the seat, probably caused by a jacket zip, but to me that's a sign it hasn't been resprayed. And neither should it be, it's only original once and all the better for it!I have a Perseus Silver touch up kit from RS paints in case of chips.Seat is original with no splits. Exhaust is original (or possibly genuine replacement) Sankei HM422 with no rust and very solid. The shocks are also original and perform absolutely fine considering the FVQ shocks were labelled "Fade Very Quickly" when new.I'm happy to arrange a specialist bike transporter to deliver at my cost up to 150 miles, however I'm sure a potential buyer would want to inspect the bike in person. Having said that, I took a gamble and bought the bike unseen and haven't been disappointed! I would now struggle to justify spending any more money on it though, simply because it doesn't need it. The original patina is just too good, it also means I'm not so precious about it that it doesn't get ridden. Maybe a replica exhaust system to keep the original for best
Payment by bank transfer only.Any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Item Information

Item ID: 233120
Motorcycle location: Chatham, United Kingdom
Last update: 4.09.2021
Views: 19
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Honda CBX1000Z unmolested, unrestored, 2 owners, 14000 miles
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