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Honda CR 250 1979, Red Rocket

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Seller Description

Honda CR 250 1979
Taken in PX For a 4 stroke twinshock I had and wanted to see if I fancied a little 250 again, unfortunately I also have a 490 maico, which is much more my thing, so the Honda has to go. The gentleman I bought it from had this bike fetled by Phil Denton (unfortunately they had a disagreement and there is no paper trail, so I can’t prove it, but if you see the attention to detail, it’ll be apparent I believe), it thought to have approx 20hrs on it from the build.
I fitted some 88 cr 500 forks (serviced by Luke Hill at HPR) as the standard ones were really soft. I raced this bike at SCSC’s meeting at Damerham to test it out to make sure there were no issues and it performed excellent, just a shame I have the 490 ?️.
Please see below a list of parts on the bike and a few spares.
88 CR 500 forks (fresh service) with new fork boots.PFR exhaust systemGold excel rims on new stainless spokes (good Dunlop tyres)Virtually new chain and sprocketsMagura hydraulic clutch (makes it really light) and reikon front brake set upMugen alloy swingarm and chain guideWorks rear shocksWide foot pegsAlloy air boxAlloy bushes/spacers, rear brake stay etc.New decals and seat cover.Comes with a full manual and spare air filter, plug and maybe a set of normal levers if i have some.
This bike will get a fresh air filter and gear box oil change before it is sold, so it’ll be literally, add petrol and numbers and race it.
It’s an awesome bike and one I hope to see at local meetings.
Bike located in Sherborne, Dorset. I will meet serious buyers in a public location only.
Information about Honda CR for sale on this page. See price and photos of the CR Honda
Bank transfer preferred but cash also accepted. No cheques. Delivery not available, possibly will meet at a halfway point at the buyers cost. No PX.
Only contact by eBay messenger.
Price = £5,850.

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Item Information

Item ID: 230475
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Sherborne, United Kingdom
Last update: 20.08.2021
Views: 17
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Honda CR 250 1979, Red Rocket
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