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2014 Honda CRF Used

$ 0

MOT Expiration Date:2014
Capacity (cc):450cc
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

2014 EFI (fuel injected)
Brand new polisport plastics in black
Brand new custom graphics kit
SM pro platinum wheels
TALON hubs
PRO TAPER bars + risers
RENTHAL chain + sprockets
As standard the 14 crf comes with fully adjustable suspension front + rear + adjustable steering damper
Engine :
Valve clearancesAir filterOil filterEngine oilGear oilCoolantBrake fluid flush
Forks have been recently rebuilt with new seals and quality fork oil
Runs mint starts first kick no fault codes great bike
Possible px swap 2stroke 250 or supermoto
Any questions just ask
Please no time wasters
Nationwide delivery available
Location Glasgow G63

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Item Information

Item ID: 208732
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Glasgow , United Kingdom
Last update: 3.04.2021
Views: 17
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2014 Honda CRF Used
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