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2009 Honda CRF Used 450L Manual

$ 0

Start Type:Electric start
Engine Size:450
Gears:Five-speed manual
Capacity (cc):375 to 524 cc
Drive Type:Chain
Type:Motorcross (off-road)
Previous owners (excl. current):N/A
Number of Manual Gears:Five-speed
Vehicle Type:Motorcross (off-road)
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Honda 450r 2009Well maintainedNew PistonValves Shimmed and had full engine check overFront folks & rear suspension have stiffer springs for heavier rider and both were serviced by previous owner 2 weeks agoTalon wheels Red Talon hubsUpgraded wavy discsDunlop tyres excellent conditionFull arrow Titanium race exhaust systemPro taper contour barsRenthel clutch leverZeta front brake leverRed zeta sprocket coverRed hosesRenthel chain & sprocketsRFS red pegsHole shot deviceBreak pads like newRide 3 timesExcellent condition

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Item Information

Item ID: 212066
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Last update: 25.04.2021
Views: 4
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2009 Honda CRF Used 450L Manual
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