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Honda Forman ES 450cc ,4x4 farm quad,atv,quad bike, 4x4

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Seller Description

Here is a Honda 450 ES as you can see the can is like bran new no cracks breaks or bangs ready to use! Ideal for small holding, livery yard, farm use,or just fun4 stroke engine4x4Front and rear loading racksFour 85% tyres50mm tow ballStrong breaksElectric startNo cracks breaks or bangsReady to go straight to work or play very£2550 Ono no vatPlease call [hidden information] for any more info if you can’t get hold of me please leave a text or a message and I will get back to you soon as cheers

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Item ID: 210144
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Last update: 12.04.2021
Views: 30
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Honda Forman ES 450cc ,4x4 farm quad,atv,quad bike, 4x4
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