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Honda Monkeybike Honda ape

$ 0

Engine Size:124
V5 Registration Document:Present
Street Name:Honda ape 50cc
Date of 1st Registration:20090301
Number of Manual Gears:Four-speed
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Hi and welcome to a one of chance to own this Honda ape 50cc ltd edition.
I cannot find another one like this on any website or you tube any where. So in my eyes this is the only one in the world like this.
I bought this in 2011 and it has sat in my heated garage with my collection.
It is now ready for me to let go and for somebody else to enjoy.
I really don’t know where to start on this. But here goes
This ape came and was built from new at Monkeybike ukWith no expense spared. The customer actually gave Monkeybike uk a blank cheque book.It started life as a 50cc. Still 50cc on log book.124cc takegawa barrel and pistonTacegawa super cylinder headTakegawa 4 speed clutch with takegawa magneto coverTakegawa air filter with a 28mm keihin carbG craft oil catch tankG craft oil coolerKitaco R over racing exhaustTakegawa indicatorsG craft swing armG craft alloy wheelsTakegawa front disc set upShowa front forksTakegawa clutch and brake leversDatatona front fly screenTakegawa handle bars with cross braceTakegawa speed/Rev counterG craft rear foot setsTakegawa side standG craft foot gear leverG craft engine to frame bracket alloy.This ape is the ltd edition with black rand and red frame.Has never been restored nor painted. And is as anew bike.G craft rear grab railTakegawa seat1600km from new.2 sets of keys.Start and run perfect. And sound lovelyOnly selling ad I’m condescending my collection down.
Information about 2009 Honda for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Honda

All parts that was taken off as a new build come with the bike.This bike to build in 2009 was £15,000
Thanks for looking.

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Item Information

Item ID: 216118
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Driffield, United Kingdom
Last update: 21.05.2021
Views: 6
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Honda Monkeybike Honda ape
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