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$ 777

For sale by:Private seller
Engine Capacity (cc):399
Number of Previous Owners:2
Model:NV 400
Gears:Five-speed manual
Registration Number:MLP09
Drive Type:Shaft
Start Type:Electric start
Customised Features:Chrome metal bullet style, Tail-Lights, Turn Signals
Type:Chopper, Cruiser
Seller Notes:“Very good condition”
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1985 Honda NV 400 cruiser for sale.  (P.P.S. SORRY TO THOSE PEOPLE THAT WERE WATCHING MY BIKE BUT THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RESERVE PRICE NOT BUY IT NOW PRICE SO HAD TO END RELIST/ WON'T BE REVEALING THE RESERVE PRICE SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK.THANKYOU.) This bike was imported new from Japan. They were never released to Australia (european market) so this one could possibly be the only one in Australia. have never had or needed any import papers to register it. Iv'e always just re-rego'd it with the new rego papers you get in the mail. have this bike insured with shannons for $8,000.00. It is no show bike if that's what your after. It's just really nice honest cruiser. Very good condition for age. Only 61500 klm. Has 11 months full N.S.W rego left (not pensioner rego). rego till 12/02/2019. This bike is LAMS  (learner) Approved. Has new tyres new back breaks. It also has an electric fan with switch put on by previous owner. (see switch in photo of speedo) It has two tiny holes in the seat. don't even notice. Hard to see very easy fix if you even wanted too.Has new chrome metal bullet style blinkers on the back. New front bullet blinkers plus original mirrors come with the bike. have hip injury now can't ride bikes anymore unfortunately or I'd keep it. Small problem came up last week: there was little petrol leaking from the petcock assembly so drained the tank. haven't been able to source another petcock on ebay to suit this bike but don't own computer so I'm sure those that know computers will be able to source another petcock or rebuild kit (around $30.00) on online Japanese parts seller or Japanese bike honda seller site pretty easy. With no computer I'm sick of mucking around getting nowhere don't want the bike just sitting gathering dust with the rego wasting. So buyer will need either trailer or big ute to take bike. can put fuel in start it but it's too dangerous even with little petrol leaking. Apart from the petcock this bike is great to ride and in very good condition. New chrome metal bullet style blinkers (same as back ones) original mirrors will come with the bike as well (see photos). put the new back blinkers on but wasn't confident enough to try putting the front ones on with all the wires. am so confident with this bike that when bought new owner screws on new petcock assembly onto the tank goes for ride that, if after riding it once the new owner still wants to return it for full refund plus the refund for the new petcock I'll have no problems with them doing that. I'll take it back no questions asked. don't think that will ever happen once you ride it.  This sale is cash on pickup only thanks. This bike is advertised elsewhere. Thanks for reading. Steve P.S. live in Lake Illawarra which is about 16km south of Wollongong N.S.W. Email me for any questions and I'll do my best to answer, but I'm no bike expert. just look after them ride them (or used too anyway). Please be patient when emailing me and allow me up to day to reply. I'll be as fast as can but do have my phone switched off at times. Thanks very much. On 15-May-18 at 20:46:49 AEST, seller added the following information:P.P.S. have just been told by email from another ebayer that there are still few of these bikes around in Australia. So disregard the comment made of maybe the only one in Australia. On another note, if anyone knows how can get petcock for this model bike or knows who can contact to get one could you please contact me on ebay or via email. I'd really appreciate it very much. would also like to put new one in for the person that ends up buying it. would really like to be able to  let them enjoy riding it before buying it. My sincerest thanks. On 16-May-18 at 01:15:22 AEST, seller added the following information:I just took couple of photos of the petcock from my bike I'm selling but ebay wouldn't allow me to swap out photos because there has been bid and I've put the maximum number 12 up already. wish could add more photos for anyone that wants to see what it looks like but unfortunately can't now. Cheers

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Sale price: $ 777
Motorcycle location: Lake Illawarra, Australia
Last update: 23.05.2018
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