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1994 Honda RVF Used 400L

$ 0

Street Name:RVF400
Country/Region of Manufacture:Japan
Vehicle Type:Super Sport
MOT Expiration Date:22/10/2021
Start Type:Electric start
Engine Size:400
Previously Registered Overseas:Yes
Capacity (cc):399
Date of 1st Registration:19980501
V5 Registration Document:Present
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Honda RVF400RR NC35
32,237 km (not miles)
Very original bike with low miles and all original fairings except nose cone which has peeling paint. Other original parts include complete / uncut undertray, helmet holder under pillion seat, rubber around pillion seat lock, Japanese stickers and original Honda screen (very rare!) Exhaust is a late 90s carbon Blueflame (quite loud).
Bad points:Tyres need replacing (especially rear). Tank has a couple of marks and a small rust bubble. Lower LH fairing is a little discoloured... It might have been repainted from what I can tell as the lacquer isn't too good. All metal parts have signs of oxidisation as the bike was kept outside for part of it's life. Wheels could do with a repaint. Heat shield is very rusted (common).
Information about 1994 Honda RVF for sale on this page. See price and photos of the RVF Honda
Seat fairings have drilled holes in rear (see photos).
Runs fine (could probably benefit from a service) and has MOT until 22nd October 2021.
Includes paddock stand (not the one pictured).
Please message if you would like to see more photos or view the bike (Thatcham, Berkshire).On 18-Apr-21 at 22:50:41 BST, seller added the following information:Bike has a bit of history and 2 keys. Also forgot to mention the mirrors both have cracks on the stalks and a few scuffs.
1994 bike.

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Item Information

Item ID: 213445
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Thatcham, United Kingdom
Last update: 4.05.2021
Views: 17
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1994 Honda RVF Used 400L
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