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Honda TL 125 Board Track Racer Motorcycle Sculpture from Moto_Resykld

Model:Honda tl125
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
For sale by:Private seller
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

My "Boardtrack Racer” sculpture is derived from a 1976 TL125 Honda trials motorcycle. It has been created using the original Honda frame, motor and tank and sections of frame and other parts of a 1970’s Malvern Star ten speed racer. My art stems from a lifelong fascination with two wheels and a history of creating sculptural assemblage pieces from metal scrap and discarded objects. In this work the stationary motorcycle becomes art. Early motorcycles engines did not hold oil in the sump and once it passed from the oil tank through to the engine to lubricate critical moving parts it was then lost onto the road. Using power tools and hand filing I have sculpted the alloy of the original Honda 125cc motor to give it the characteristics of an early motor with valves stems and springs exposed. I have extended the TL Honda tank so as to retain the original shape of the metal at both ends and have added a bogus oiling system made entirely from scrap copper and brass components.The early Royal leather seat and the brass petrol tap are original period items and the handlebars made from a set of Moto Guzzi leg protection bars are wrapped in Brooks microfibre tape with natural gum rubber end stops. The faux oil tank is a muffler from a Briggs and Stratton mower engine. Board track racing was a very popular form of motorsport around 1910 drawing large crowds in the US before the depression saw it’s demise. To recreate the hazardous nature of these early American racing machines I have replaced the side covers from the original motor with brass plate and brought all the moving parts to the outside of the engine including the clutch basket and the original Honda cam chain running up to the overhead camshaft. The base of the stand is designed to resemble a section of timber board track and is made from discarded 3 x 2” packing crate timbers with the 2” sides being faced upwards to form the surface of the track as per the original method used to build theseoften temporary wooden race tracks.
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Suit cool cafe or window display. Payment is Paypal only. Will ship internationally. Buyer will need to organise and pay for shipping. Can deliver to freight depot Brisbane Australia.

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Item Information

Item ID: 144087
Motorcycle location: Gympie, QLD, Australia
Last update: 18.01.2020
Views: 95
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Honda TL 125 Board Track Racer Motorcycle Sculpture from Moto_Resykld
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