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honda xl600v transalp 1987

$ 0

Street Name:Transalp
|Item status:In archive

Seller Description

honda xl600v transalp 1987. MOT 11/09/21, 79000 kilometres on the clock, approx 50000 miles, just had full service and battery. Had been sat for a few years when I got it, I cleaned carb etc and it fired straight up. It’s in good original condition and rides well although I have only done approx 80 miles on it. It has a new front tyre and rear is in good condition. I got the bike from a friend that had owned it for years but unfortunately lost all previous paperwork.I was told it was imported from Italy originally.Call [hidden information] for more information.On 22-Mar-21 at 21:25:25 GMT, seller added the following information:I have owned the bike since June 2020 and have the logbook in my name.

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Item Information

Item ID: 216135
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Shaftesbury , United Kingdom
Last update: 21.05.2021
Views: 8
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honda xl600v transalp 1987
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